Saturday, August 04, 2012


This week, Elly started waving! And who was the very first person she waved at? Herself, of course! In the mirror :)


  1. SO cute! Can't wait for Jack to be this age.

  2. Love this happy, happy pic of the two of you! Hooray for waving!!! (And is that tile in the background. It's gorgeous!)

  3. Erin - She is SO.FUN right now! Before I became a parent, I was told that your favorite age for your child is whatever age they are at the time, because they keep changing and getting better and better. So far, it's been so true!

    Anne - Seriously, she's pretty much always happy. And she LOVES to pop into the bathroom with me to see who we can find in the mirror (surprise! it's always the two of us!). Yes, that's tile in the background in our shower. We got it done last summer and love it! Thanks for noticing! :)

  4. In reply to your comment on my blog... yes! She loves to bite me when I am nursing her and it HURTS! Jane did it a couple times and a little pop on the cheek did the trick but Wendy doesn't care :( and it makes me sad to make her cry... I also keep forgetting that she has super sharp teeth and let her pull my finger in her mouth. After a second (and a lot of pain) I remember I shouldn't let her do that. But, she looks super cute with her teeth (especially her huge gapped front teeth) so I'll take the drawbacks.



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