Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swimming Class

Last week, Elly and I started a 2-week "Waterbabies" class at the high school pool. This little one is such a fishy - she has no fear when it comes to the water! She definitely seems to be having the most fun of all the babies in the class. I'm not sure which she likes better, splashing Mama in the face or flying up in the air and splashing back down in the water.

On the second day of the class, the instructor wanted us to try submerging the babies all the way under water if we felt they were ready. She had Elly be her example baby since she was so obviously ready to go under water! She loved it - when we came back up out of the water, she shook her head and then started splashing for more!

I can just imagine her squealing, "BEST.BATH.EVER!"

PS. Speaking of the bath, she had her first bath in the big tub without anything to sit on or in (besides a little bath mat). I love this pic - look at the water splashing over her legs!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

9 Months, and Things I Know

Here is sweet Elly bean at 9 months (+1 day). It is extremely hard to take a picture of this girl now that she's on the move! She thought it was HILARIOUS that I would catch her every time she crawled off the edge of the chair. I'll have to enlist the help of Daddy at the 10 month photo shoot!

Once again, I had so much trouble picking my favorites! This girl has so much personality!

This is the one I have as my desktop background this month:
Eventually I just let her down on the floor and was able to take a couple of good shots, there. Look at her standing!

Things I know about Elly:

  • She's crawling! Once she finally figured out that forward motion, there was no stopping her! However, she still likes to be where Mama is, so I don't really have to go chasing her around. Rather, she's crawling after me as I run back and forth between the living room and kitchen!
  • She loves to climb over peoples' legs... and up onto Mama. We've become her own personal obstacle course!
  • She was able to pull herself up to standing at 9 months, 1 day, so I'm counting that this month. Rather, it was more like pushing up to standing... but now that she's done it, she already prefers the view from up there over what she sees on her hands and knees. She's practicing pulling herself up with the help of the couch. I haven't caught her doing it in her crib, yet, but I'm sure I'll find her stuck standing up in there any day now!
  • She may have said "dada" before "mama," but she more than makes up for that, now! She's definitely a Mama's girl right now. I'll take it! If she is anything like I was, she'll be wrapped around her Daddy soon enough - let me enjoy it while she's still mine :)
  • She is so, so, so happy. Even when she's sick, she's still able to laugh and smile. It's so heartwarming to have such a sweet, pleasant babe.
  • I mentioned last month how much this girl loves men. This love has only gotten stronger this month! It's so funny to watch her stare at them, willing them to look her way. And she's usually successful in not only getting their attention, but encouraging them to make silly faces and act a fool as she giggles in response. She knows how to get what she wants!
  • She absolutely loves to have dance parties! I was singing Brown-Eyed Girl to her one evening (of course changing the lyrics for my sweet, blue-eyed girl), and she totally started grooving along with the Sha La La's! I've created a Pandora station based on that song that we play and dance along to together. She's got pretty decent taste in music, that's for sure!
  • She figured out that if she hands her food over to Ramona, she'll get to touch the dog! She laughs and laughs whenever Ramona gets close to her, especially if she's pulling something out of Elly's hand. Ramona is very careful not to bite Elly as she's taking the food. So sweet!
  • This month, she has started screaming in protest whenever her diaper is being changed or she is being put into her car seat. She does not like to be pinned down!
  • She stopped taking a bottle all on her own. Her sitter told me she just wasn't interested in sitting still and laying back to drink from her bottle anymore. So, now she gets her milk from a straw cup, instead. Just like that!
  • She is still a super cuddler, especially when she's tired. I just love when she snuggles her head into my neck. 
  • She still doesn't have any teeth, so I've been supplementing her BLW solids with the pureed food pouches. I felt like she was still really hungry after "eating" since she can't chew her food, so I started offering her the pouches. She just sucks it right out of the pouch, and usually has 1/2 - 3/4 of the pouch at a time. She usually has 2-3 of those at the sitter's in addition to 4-8 oz of milk.
  • She LOVES water! Her little lips are SO CUTE when she's drinking out of her straw cup. She likes the straw so much better than a regular sippy cup because she doesn't have to tip it back. We'll work on that eventually, but for now the straw cups are great!
  • This month she had her first weekend without Mama (I went to the beach with my girlfriends for four days!) and her own first trip to the beach. She was a little unsure about both, but did so great! And Daddy now feels much more confident taking care of his little babe!

At her 9-month check-up, she was 20 lb 10 oz (85%) and 27.4 in (75%). She got her final HepB shot and had her blood drawn to check her iron, blood count, etc. All was normal - but she sure had some big, fat tears rolling down her sweet cheeks!

I love being this girl's Mama.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Missing Pictures

Yesterday was Elly's 9 Monthiversary! We both have colds and I didn't get her pics taken. That will be happening today, at which time I will update with the pics and things I know about her.

In the meantime, look at what I did!

At one of my baby showers, we decorated little onesies for Elly. Here she is in a few :)

She's already outgrown them all, but I wanted to be able to keep them for her. Many of them have her name on them, plus they were all made especially for her, so they couldn't go to anyone else. And who wants to keep a stack of onesies to look through some day?

I just cut out the fronts of the onesies, arranged them so that the columns were about even in length, sewed them together, and used receiving blankets to edge the front and create the backing. I love it!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

If the opposite of pro is con, what's the opposite of Progress?

I haven't really posted much in the way of politics over the past couple of years, but I think this article is pretty non-partisan.

14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever, The Washington Post

Some of my favorite lines...
If doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result makes you insane, what does doing the same thing 33 times and expecting a different result make you? Well, it makes you the 112th Congress.
Perhaps, after this near-death experience, you would expect the leaders of the 112thCongress to be chastened. Your naivete is touching.
Having proven incapable of solving one of the country’s problems, they voluntarily created another problem that they also don’t know how to solve.
We have been studying Washington politics and Congress for more than 40 years, and never have we seen them this dysfunctional.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Since you probably wanted to see this

Well, it's the babe crawling for the first time on video. Watch it or don't :)

I think she's great!


Saturday, July 07, 2012

In n Out

Today marks the day that Elly has been out of my belly for exactly the same amount of time she was in it - 37 weeks 2 days.

Also, she started crawling, today! Such a big girl!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Candied Peanuts? Yes, please!

The MIL gets it into her head that Eric or I especially like certain foods, for whatever reason, so she always brings some for us when she visits. Usually we don't, though, and it typically goes to waste. Not this time, though!

I was cleaning out our pantry after last weekend's terrible storms that knocked us out of power for FOUR (!) days, and came across a full jar of unsalted peanuts from some previous visit. I did a quick search for things to make with peanuts, as I didn't want to eat them, but I didn't want to just toss them, either.

Lo, and behold!

I got the (really, super easy) recipe for candied peanuts from this site. It was literally just a few minutes of stirring in the cast-iron skillet and then pouring it out onto a baking sheet to dry. So delicious! Go! Try it out!



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