35 before 35

Having a baby sure got in the way of finishing my 30 before 30 list, so I've changed it to 35 before 35... here's hoping I won't have to change it to 40 in 5 years!!
  1. Travel to Turkey
  2. Build a piece of furniture
  3. Run a half-marathon 10k
  4. Open an etsy shop
  5. Publish something
  6. Enter a craft in the county fair
  7. Learn how to knit 
  8. Make a craft corner in our nook
  9. Visit Quebec and/or Ontario
  10. Have a majority self-made wardrobe
  11. A secret one that I know but I'm not posting
  12. Learn Spanish
  13. Have 2+ months of living expenses in savings
  14. Finish "redecorating" the front yard
  15. Read 6 books recommended by others - even if it's COMPLETELY out of my norm
  16. Host guest posters on my blog
  17. Admit a secret
  18. Finish sending out all my !#$%@$^ wedding thank you's
  19. Go to one of The World's Secret Places
  20. Finish listening to Dreams from my Father 
  21. Organize my guest room closet actually the whole room
  22. Try beading
  23. Make paper - even if it's only one sheet
  24. Get curtains up in the dining room (one step at a time, here!)
  25. Join a book club
  26. Make strawberry freezer jam
  27. Give Elly a sibling
  28. Take family bike rides


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